September 1, 2015

Woodsong Hollow Farm

Woodsong Hollow Farm, located in Boyertown, Berks County, produces pasture-raised chicken, lamb, goat, pork, eggs, Thanksgiving/Christmas turkey and goose, and sheepskins.  All livestock are raised on pasture and the additional grain they receive is grown without chemicals and is ground and mixed fresh by a local farmer to create a balanced and healthy feed. Sheep [...]

Lansdowne Farmers’ Market

Lansdowne Farmers’ Market in Lansdowne, Delaware County is located at the municipal parking lot on Lansdowne Avenue. My first thought when I saw it was it’s kind of small so I was unsure of what I would find. I need to start remembering that great things come in small packages.  Don’t let the smallness of [...]

Pasture’s Pride Natural Meats

pastures pride

Pasture’s Pride is a farm in Kutztown, Berks County, that specializes in natural, pasture raised meats.  I ordered a batch of 10 chickens that I picked up last September, and I am keeping them in mind for beef when we run out of our current supply.   I drove out to Kutztown one foggy fall [...]

Spring Water Farm


Spring Water Farm is an Amish farm in Paradise, Lancaster County that also supplies a buying club to Philadelphia and various drop-off locations throughout the suburbs.  Rather than ordering through the buying club, I prefer to save the 18% fee and drive right out to the farm and get my food directly.  There’s just something [...]

Pikeland Pastured Poultry


Pikeland Pastured Poultry is a small farm in Spring City, Chester County, that raises chicken, eggs and holiday turkeys on pasture.  They call their animals “free grazing” because they realize that the term “free range” is misleading.  (See my Learn the Lingo page for a low-down on the terms we throw around on this site.)  [...]