August 29, 2015

Shankstead Farm = Your Family Cow!

your family cow

The Family Cow Store and Delivery Service is an EcoFarm located in Chambersburg, PA, but they are now delivering to drop points all over the Philadelphia area. Since haven’t had the opportunity YET to take a tour of the farm, I spoke with Edwin, one of the farmers.  As I spoke to him, I could [...]

Forks Farm Market and Buying Club


Forks Farm is a once-a-month buying club delivering to Chester and Delaware Counties, with no minimum order and no commitment to buy each month. They offer fresh foods from local family farms, including pasture-raised meats, eggs, raw dairy, produce, breads, baked goods, nuts, honey and more. They are located in Columbia County, but they deliver [...]

Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative

Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative is a Buying Club and CSA that delivers to locations all over the Philadelphia area.  I feel like every time I turn around, someone is recommending Lancaster Farm Fresh.  With 68 Amish and Mennonite farms in Lancaster County, they have quite an extensive inventory. They operate both a CSA and a [...]

Harvest Local Foods


Located in Landsdowne, Delaware County, Harvest Local Foods is a delivery service for fresh, locally grown organic groceries.  Owned by two women “with a passion for food that is grown with care for the land, the animals, the workers, and the people who eventually eat the food,” this buying club/food delivery service offers “organically-grown or [...]

Spring Water Farm


Spring Water Farm is an Amish farm in Paradise, Lancaster County that also supplies a buying club to Philadelphia and various drop-off locations throughout the suburbs.  Rather than ordering through the buying club, I prefer to save the 18% fee and drive right out to the farm and get my food directly.  There’s just something [...]

Mugshots Local Food Buying Club


One place where I love to eat is MugShots in Manayunk.  They have a buying club that you don’t have to pay into.  You can order anything you want online and pick up your order at one of their locations on a certain day during certain times.  People that don’t want to commit to a [...]