August 30, 2015

Fresh Turkey Delivery for Thanksgiving!

Rent A Runner Now is partnering with local Piper Hill Farm in Bellefonte, PA to offer delivery of locally raised, organic turkeys to the Chester County area.  This is a great way to support a local area farmer AND enjoy the best quality holiday turkey available.

Rent A Runner Now is a personal concierge and errand service serving Montgomery, Chester, and Delaware counties.  Their mission is to allow people to focus on the activities and people important to them by performing burdensome tasks for them.  They hope to expand beyond holiday turkeys to a monthly delivery schedule of beef, poultry, and rabbits, based on the farm’s seasonal cycles for growing and processing, so stay tuned for more information.

Piper Hill Farm specializes in free range and organically fed egg layers, broilers, turkeys, Indian Runner ducks, Muscovy Ducks and grass fed Highland-Angus beef as well as conventionally fed rabbits.

Most of these turkeys are larger than commercially-grown birds so you should have lots of wonderful leftover meat for freezing.  I asked Nancy of Piper Hill Farm about how her turkeys are raised and what they eat.  You can see photos of the turkeys on their Facebook page.

As you look at them, you can see right off the bat that I raise my meat poultry differently than most.  The first couple of pictures were taken after I unpacked them (they were 1 day old).  From day one, I have them on grass in a heated brooder that is about 10′ x 12′, as are my meat chickens, by the way.  This is different from how most meat poultry is raised, which is inside on shavings.  My turkeys are on grass the whole time.  After a week, weather dependent, I have an area fenced in, and I open their heated brooder so that they are outside as well.  With this fenced-in area, they learn to go in and out of their heated grass brooder area.  I let them out daily, expanding the size of it until they are old enough to free range.

They begin to have a homing instinct at about 4 weeks of age.  I learned that the hard way when I let my first batch out at 1-1/2 weeks of age.  They merrily peeped and walked till dusk, sitting down for the evening in their little groups on the far edges of the farm, and ended up as raccoon dinner.  The meat chickens have a homing instinct immediately, so I boost their brooder corner open at about 3 days of age, and that is when they begin free ranging.  They seem to know how to go in and out on their own from birth and how to stay warm.

Once the turkeys have that homing instinct, I let them out to free range.  I put them back in to eat once or twice a day and then bring them in at night.  They are fed organic feed (although I am not certified; it’s too small of a operation and too much paperwork) and they eat lots of grass and bugs when they are out.  They love to eat, and they love to be outside.

In raising the meat chickens and turkeys, I try to mimic what I see the animals on the farm do naturally.  As you can see from the pictures I took today, they are happy and healthy with no medication in their feed and no antibiotics in their water. The turkeys are very social and charming.  I think of them as nature’s Walmart greeters!  When someone drives onto the farm, I usually have to herd them away because they want to meet and greet.

Animals are not meant to be inside raised in mass quantities. While on this earth, my animals have a wonderful life.  This creates the most tasty meat that people have ever had.

Piper Hill Farm’s Thanksgiving turkeys are freshly prepared the Wednesday morning before Thanksgiving and will be available for pick-up in Exton that evening.  Orders must be placed by November 7th, and you may specify small, medium, or large in size range.  Because this is not a large commercial farm, sizes are approximate.

To order your Thanksgiving turkey from Piper Hill Farm, visit Rent A Runner Now.  You will receive follow up information via email for pickup time and location in Exton on Wednesday, November 24th.

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  1. Kelly Whalen says:

    This looks awesome! I love visiting local farms and farmer’s markets but it’s always such a busy time of year I think this service will make things so much easier.

  2. Julie says:

    Cooking my first Thanksgiving this November. So many decisions to make. I suppose ordering by November 7 would certainly scratch one thing off my list. “Freshly prepared”… does that refer to being prepared to eat or prepared to cook? Asking because I plan to cook the turkey on Wednesday.

  3. Hi, Julie…I can answer your question about preparation. “Prepared” really means they are butchered and plucked (feathers pulled off) Wednesday morning. In other words, they are prepared for cooking.

    Rent A Runner Now

  4. Mary Schonely says:

    Will you have turkeys for Christmas? How much would a 12 pound turkey cost? I live in Boyertown near Pottstown, could I pick it up or do you deliver? My daughter just finished treatments for breast cancer and she would like a free range turkey. I look forward to hearing from you. Mary

  5. Hi, Mary…

    Rent A Runner Now will not be doing Christmas turkey deliveries. We may be doing something similar next Christmas, but right now we’re only doing a Thanksgiving promotion.

    Thanks for your interest!