August 28, 2015

Spring Water Farm

Spring Water Farm is an Amish farm in Paradise, Lancaster County that also supplies a buying club to Philadelphia and various drop-off locations throughout the suburbs.  Rather than ordering through the buying club, I prefer to save the 18% fee and drive right out to the farm and get my food directly.  There’s just something about dealing directly with the farmer and his family that I find reassuring, and I like for my kids to see where our food is coming from.  I visit Spring Water Farm about once a month and stock up on chicken, fresh raw butter, lard, maple syrup, and raw honey.

This is definitely the family’s home so be sure to be respectful when you visit.  There are no official hours, but as they are Amish, they are usually home.  There is an OPEN sign on the store front if they are available, and I’ve never dropped in when there wasn’t someone there to help me.  You can always call first to be sure, but be sure to call a day or so in advance because they don’t answer the phone.  They pick up their messages periodically and will call you back.

The drive to Spring Water Farm is gorgeous — coming from the western suburbs of Philly, I take Route 30 all the way out to Rte. 41.  It’s only about 3 miles from there.  As you take the winding country road (it is literally called Country Road) to the farm, you drive through rolling green fields where you can view their grazing heritage-breed Dutch Belted cows munching contentedly on green grass.  You turn onto their drive just before a large carriage shop (that’s the only land mark; there are no other signs) and pass their house and park in a small parking area between several barns and their home.  When you park, you will be facing the store, a long white building.

They are currently remodeling the store so they can display some of their products (in the past, there was only a desk, and you would just look at their list and tell them what you want.)  You can also sign up for their email list, and you will receive a weekly list of available products.  Again, you can order from their buying club and arrange to pick up your products at one of their drop off locations if you don’t care to drive all the way out to the farm.

Spring Water Farm is a member of the Weston A Price Organization.  They own Dutch Meadows Organic Dairy which produces Certified Organic raw milk and cheese from heritage-breed Dutch Belted cows.  Their milk can be purchased direct from the farm, through their buying club, and also at Kimberton Whole Foods.

In addition to raw milk and dairy products, the farm sells a whole slew of organic and pasture raised meats, fermented vegetables and drinks, honey, maple syrup, lard, homemade ketchup, homemade breads and much more. 

There is no official website, but you can visit the farm at 694 Country Lane, Paradise PA.

Jo-Lynne is the founder of Eat Local Philly.  When she’s not seeking out new sources for local foods, she is probably elbow-deep in bread dough or musing on weighty topics such as fashion and reality TV on her personal blog, Musings of a Housewife. You can also find her beautifying the blogosphere at DCR Design.

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About Jo-Lynne

Jo-Lynne is a lifestome blogger and the founder of Eat Local Philly. When she's not seeking out new sources for local foods, she is uaually elbow-deep in bread dough or shuttling children to violin or baseball practice.


  1. Nancy Price says:

    Hi, JoLynna,
    Just wondering — do the customers in the Mt. Airy CSA pay 18% delivery charge? If so, it seems very high when the farm is delivering orders to many customers at one location. Can you clarify for me? Thanks, in advance, Nancy

  2. Nancy Lang says:

    (I hope this is Jo-Lynne) I was surprised to find (tho’ I did look for it) info online about Spring Water Farm. I am one of those lucky enough to live near a drop-off point to get my meats, dairy, and other goodies from Spring Water Farm. I would love to communicate with you about cooking tips for the different meats especially. I have made some really yummy meals for me and my hubby with products from this farm.


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