August 29, 2015

Pikeland Pastured Poultry

Pikeland Pastured Poultry is a small farm in Spring City, Chester County, that raises chicken, eggs and holiday turkeys on pasture.  They call their animals “free grazing” because they realize that the term “free range” is misleading.  (See my Learn the Lingo page for a low-down on the terms we throw around on this site.)  This is the real deal, and prices are affordable.

I visited Pikeland Pastured Poultry this week.  This is a private home where a young family keeps chickens and a garden and shares their abundance with local consumers like myself.  You can see the chickens contentedly grazing on grass in her yard as you drive up. I also noticed a small vegetable stand with gorgeous ruby-red tomatoes by the road, which also belongs to them.  It operates by the honor system.

Kelly met me at the door and graciously invited me inside where she had my order waiting for me — six chickens and a dozen eggs.  There’s nothing like seeing exactly where your food was raised and knowing that you couldn’t have done it better yourself.  I will definitely be shopping here again.

Pikeland Pastured Poultry – Truely Local, Pastured Poultry – Locally Grazed, Naturally Raised. Home of the “green” chicken. Our broiler chickens are raised from day old chicks, purchased from Moyers Chicks in Quakertown, Bucks County. Raised on pasture in East Pikeland, Chester County, and processed on a family farm in New Holland, Lancaster County. Our Araucana/Ameraucana egg layers are grazed on rotated pasture as well. Truly Local, Truly Sustainable.

There are no store hours but you can email them or call to place an order.  You can also find them at the Glenside Farmers Market on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm.

Pikeland Pastured Poultry
2 Bonnie Brae Road
Spring City, PA 19475

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Jo-Lynne is a lifestome blogger and the founder of Eat Local Philly. When she's not seeking out new sources for local foods, she is uaually elbow-deep in bread dough or shuttling children to violin or baseball practice.


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